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The Gallbladder is an avalanche of guttural vocals, massive guitars, critical and direct lyrics and consistent beats, in the form of dense, visceral compositions.

The scenario described in his music speaks of the anguish and contradictions experienced by humanity in physical and virtual environments, its crises, conflicts, diseases of the mind and soul.

@Napalm Death, @Black Sabbath, @Discharge, @Brutal Truth and @Extreme Noise Terror are among the influences of the Gallbladder, whose noisy proposal includes hardcore, punk, grind, deathmetal, trash, noise ...

Gallbladder is the latest project from Ozy, co-founder of Porrada!!!, a brazilian grindcore band of the early 90s.

The Covid-19 pandemic with its nightmares prompted Ozy to back with songs composed and recorded at home, from his own smartphone.

With the dynamics and practicality of current interactive vehicles, the Gallbladder rescues a concept of extreme, pulsating, full-bodied and forceful musical expression, demonstrating that there is much more to come.


The Wall


"Um som potente, denso, pesado, com vocais guturais, guitarras grossas e bateria certeira, cuja massa sonora promove um retrato do obscurantismo do mundo contemporâneo e expõe as feridas abertas da sociedade. Com o Gallblader, Ozy faz a trilha sonora do nosso tempo."

José Roberto Santos Neves
Jornalista, escritor e pesquisador musical. Baterista do The Rain.


"Porrada ultra sonora. Agressivo, devastador, um soco na vesícula. Direto e reto. Mensagem na cara em tempos difíceis. Se não sabe brincar, não desce pro play. Música pra quem não tem ouvidos sensíveis. 👊🏼🤘🏼"

Fabrício Cascão
Sócio Proprietário do Pub Motor Rockers


"Gallbladder is an independent project from Brazil (One Man Project with collaborations), full of guttural voices inspired by Grindcore. (...) I am impressed actually, how he managed to record all this with only his cell phone (...) great dedication, creativity, passion and energy, but above all desire to make it possible. 100% recommendable."

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"His newest Single "Reactionary Scum" is a pretty brutal Song, with a haunting Riff and insane deep Vocals that let your Bones resonate!!😏😈🤘"

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